The broad top edge of the hook provides for superior sounding of roof decking and deliver positive feedback through the shaft. For over fifty years Ziamatic Corp has provided the men and women of emergency services with the equipment they need to make their jobs safer, easier and more efficient. Ash and Fir Pike Poles are made of wood. This is where the patent pending Hammer Action of the G2 gives the firefighter a major advantage that a standard hook can’t offer. Maul A specialized striking tool, weighing 6 pounds (3 kilogram) or more, with an axe on one end and a sledgehammer on the other end. 4' ones have "D" handles. A 2020 Park Design award from the Michigan Recreation & Park Association was awarded to the Plaster Creek Family Park. By marrying the tools together, the firefighter can then carry the two together with a single hand, freeing the other to carry a ground ladder, T.I.C., saw, or any other tool the situation may call for. 1. BUSTER TOOL: 4 lb. The trash hook, because of it's two large six inch pointed prongs, will grasp debris in huge chunks. Style Steel. The normal trash hook is recommended at the six ft. length. The roof hook is another favorite tool of the truck company firefighter. Ziamatic Corporation View more by Ziamatic Corporation. The LA Trash Hook does not look like it would be effective on wood lath and plaster ceilings. 40 in. Rabbet tool A minimum of two fully equipped personnel on site, in a ready state, who are assigned to immediate rescue of injured or trapped fire fighters. Sign up for FF1 EXCLUSIVE DEALS & UPDATES . It seems to me the angle of approach would be awkward. ____ One first aid kit. sledge face, rex lock puller with 14" handle, Celtex grips, with a choice of chisel end or gas shutoff. Vintage Firefighter's Axe & Plaster Hook Set. Also lower portions of walls. To marry the Roof Hook How is that going to save you or a fellow firefighter? Marrying the Roof Hook with the Halligan Bar is a must for anyone performing exterior operations on the fire building. The handle is aircraft steel with fire-retardant grips. Climb several flights of stairs with tools in your hands and you’ll be glad to have that extra hand to reach out and grab the stair rail. Subscribe. It has a four-inch hollow steel ball on one end and a solid ¼-inch steel plaster hook on the other. We wish to thank the Fire Department, IAFF Local 953 as well as numerous local businesses for believing in us. It is an exceptional overhaul hook. The Axe measures 36" long x 11" across while the Plaster Hook measures 39" long x 7" wide. This unique configuration offers vario Pry bar A hydraulic spreading tool designed to pry open doors that swing inward. Whenever using wood tools to support logs, poles, etc. It kills me to see firefighters entering a building with a 3ft fiberglass pike or plaster hook. The thought here was to get a crew to the fire as the 1st priority. These have been restored and are for display. Can be used on other materials such as wood, plaster, sheet metal walls and ceilings. The ball and the hook are securely welded to the shaft, and the ends were designed for balance. Be sure to inspect your tools prior to use for any signs of cracking, grain issues, breakage, etc. ____ One 2½-gallon water extinguisher. ____ 100 feet of utility rope, at least ½ inch in diameter. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used for myriad firefighting tactics. standard pike pole, Clemens hook, plaster hook, drywall hook, San Fransico hook, multi-purpose hook, and roofman's hook What do pushing/pulling tools provide for forcible entry? Made in the U.S.A. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to FireMedic and Firefighter/Paramedic Stories with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. End ... Can be used conventionally in the removal of lathe and plaster. never stand underneath the load! You may make a standard hook stick but not punch through all the way. Steel head welded to a stainless steel wear sleeve. A prying/spreading tool. * … Her friends' alerting radio is activated by the tones and she responds to a major fire. Fiberglass standard with gas shutoff. FEATURES: Larger Contact Point: A large 4" contact point allows large areas of dry wall or lath and plaster to be pulled with each downward thrust. ️CUSTOM SIZE : If your body is not standard - if your Size is not in "Size Chart" - Order for "Custom Size(Inbox)" and message your body size as per our size guide. An exceptional overhaul hook. It can be used on other materials such as wood, plaster, sheet metal walls and ceilings. Features: Larger Contact Point: A large 4" contact point allows large areas of dry wall or lath and plaster to be pulled with each downward thrust. Photo below: Ash pike (300 series) and hook (1-5/8″) Aluminum Pike Poles (not pictured) are 1 1/2″ OD and come with a pike and hook only. Describes pushing ceiling in from windward side ( plaster hook, boat hook ) Descends ladder safely Complies with CFPC Skill Sheet 5.3.12D.2 . A hook specifically designed for dry wall removal of all types. Eckert Hook; Eckert Hook. With any other hook, punching through on the first swing is unlikely. Email. Closet Hook. What I claim as my invention is a multi-purpose fire and rescue tool with an adjustable length from 20 inches to 30 inches that serves as a plaster hook for tearing open walls to find and extinguish hidden fire. I will take one of them over a pike pole in ALMOST all instances on the interior. All of the tool geometry is purposefully designed to optimize performance and efficiency, making for a high-performing fireground tool. Plain Back 3/4 Wide 50 Length FLAMEPRO 1223-FR-PB/L Beige Flame Retardant Woven Nylon Loop. We have them in 8' and 4' lengths. Best tactic is to rotate hook so head is parallel with wood lath and plunge it through next to stud. Can be used on other materials such as wood, plaster, sheet metal walls and ceilings. Mechanical Saw A saw that is usually powered by an electric motor or a gasoline … Cindy manages to dress herself and walks toward the fire to get a better view and meets up with her ex-boyfriend. During the training session, the AR-AFFF kept the flames in check, at least until an instructor sliced open the polymer surface with a plaster hook. The generous 2” saddle of the hook will fit around most pipes or framework, and the sharply machined tip will quickly bite into drywall or plaster around a door or window frame, to provide a fast purchase and a secure anchor point where snap hooks or carabiners simply can’t. Close (Esc) Arrow left Arrow right. BUSTER MOD: 4 lb. The award is based on criteria of project purpose, local significance, innovation, aesthetic quality and functionality. The normal hook just won't pull trash in large quantities. ____ Two portable, rechargeable hand lights suitable for use in hazardous conditions in accordance with NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code." Ihome Art has All Kinds of 5pcs PLASTIC MOLDS CASTING CONCRETE CEMENT PAVING MOLD GARDEN PATHS ROADS PAVEMENT STONE BRICKS TILES MOULDS PATIO,UMBRELLA CORPORATION 3D PVC ARMY CHEST/ SHOULDER RUBBER PATCH,Firefighter Axe American US Flag Thin Red Blue Line Hook & Loop Tags Patch and more On Sale, Find the Best China 4 at - us patch,patches … Although it can be used on other materials such as wood, plaster, sheet metal walls and ceilings, the drywall hook was created especially to grab large sections of drywall with each pull. Fiberglass. A rope secured to a firefighter that enables the firefighter to retrace his or her steps out of a structure. Life Line. Plaster hook A specialized prying tool made of a hardened steel rod with a tapered end that can be inserted into a small area. SKU: FHU-EKST-4 Size 4 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. 10 ft. 8 ft. 32 in. CONTACT. The park located at 2401 Buchanan Ave. SW, underwent renovations in August. Axe and Sledgehammer. This pike pole is ideal for opening halls, closets, crawl spaces or upholstery. It does appear to be a good sheetrock hook. Named in honor of our Boston area firefighters, the Jake-Rake is 44 inches long and weighs 7 pounds. Jul 31, 2014 - Fire Hooks Unlimited Georgia Hook Georgia hook is used by Georgia Fire Departments.The Georgia Hook features an Universal head at one end and a All-Purpose Hook at the other constructed on our versitile steel shaft. ____ One pike pole or plaster hook at least 6 feet long. Plaster hook-- A long pole with a pointed head and two retractable cutting blades on the side. The Lockwood Hook was designed to provide superior functionality to the Roof and Outside Vent Firefighter. An additional reason for marrying tools is to have a free hand. To honour those who have carried, are carrying and will carry these vitally important implements, all of our tools have seen active service, some dating back to our beginnings in the early 1900’s. Lath and Plaster Hook . Dry wall hooks Love 'em. ____ Two 20-pound, class BC portable extinguishers. A 1" diameter solid fiberglass pole, Celtex grips, gas shutoff and directional slot knob. The Trip. Short hook with a pointed tip is a pike pole; longer hook on a San Francisco hook; two offset hooks on either side of tip is a universal hook; long p-shaped hook is a Boston rake for pulling plaster and lath; short hook with claw on opposite side of tip is either a gypsum hook or the narrower ceiling hook; pike pole with a short handle is a somewhat useless closet hook. Wood can break. Once you have a good visual recon, the incident tactics can evolve. A hook specifically designed for dry wall removal of all types. The T3 Tready Hook is a tubular steel shaft made of all steel materials. An example of a pushing/pulling tool - pike pole - closet hooks - ceiling hook - Clemens hook - dry wall hook - multipurpose hook - plaster hook - Roofman's hook - San Francisco hook - k tool. The Drywall Hook is specifically designed for dry wall removal of all types. The Hook System is made up of four types of hook heads and two sections of handles. Mallet A short-handled hammer. Features include an adz and pike on one end and a Boston Rake on the other. Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns, Date first listed on : April 24. Diameter 1" Steel pole standard with pry end. breaking glass opening walls or ceiling give the FF a reach advantage remove shards of glass from a window frame What are some facts about pushing/pulling tools? Cindy who was a firefighter and now is a double arm amputee is occupying a house with her friend who is still a firefighter. The tip is rated for the hook’s full Working Load Limit. A tool that can extent the reach of the firefighter as well as increase the power that can be exerted upon that object. Arson-Trash Hook was developed to find hidden fire in deep seated smoldering fires normally found in dumps or dempsey dumpsters. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.
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